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You're An Expert.


Be Seen by an Expert


You've dedicated your life to perfecting your craft.
Now grow your impact and income.
Record video feedback at times that work for you.

Drew Hanlen Photo

Drew Hanlen

Basketball - Pro skills coach

Athletes incl Joel Embiid, Jason Tatum, Bradley Beal

Ryan C.png

Ryan Crouser

Shot Put World Record Holder

2x Gold Medalist

Dede headshot.jpg

Dede Greisbauer

Ultraman World Record Holder

Triathlon coach

Adeuri headshot.png

Adeuri Corniel

1 on 1 Kitesurfing instruction
World Champion
Junior Olympic Gold Medalist

Ashley headshot.png

Ashley Neaves

Recent British Tennis coach

of the year

Mark Millon_edited_edited.jpg

Mark Millon

Lacrosse Hall of Fame

Famed coach

Julius Oliver, Swim Guru

" I don't have enough hours in the day to see everyone. ExpertX lets me help more clients because I can watch their videos when I have a minute and interact everyday."

Share your custom web page.
Users upload their videos.
You receive their videos in the app. Easily record your video analysis.
MacBook Pro - 31 (2).png
MacBook Pro - 31 (2).png

What You Earn

You decide how much to charge per video or if to offer your feedback for free. In the Account tab simply enter your fee.

Our 15% fee includes the credit card transaction cost. 
There is no fee when you elect not to charge.*

*Limited time offer and ExpertX reserves the right to share free videos on social media

How to EDIT
MacBook Pro - 31 (2).png

How to Edit

Click a video in your Video List, Tap record - we’ll capture your voice and what you draw. You can slow it down or speed it up. Tap record again when you’re done.

MacBook Pro - 31 (2).png

Spread the Word

Now let people know how you can help them kick butt via micro sessions.
Share your link. Yell from mountain tops.
Record a video that gets your audience pumped to upload.

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