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Drew Hanlen

Basketball - Pro skills coach

Athletes incl Joel Embiid, Jason Tatum, Bradley Beal

David Kirsch

Trainer, best-selling author of 6 books

Dede Greisbauer

Ultraman World Record Holder

Triathlon coach

Adeuri Corniel

1 on 1 Kitesurfing instruction
World Champion
Junior Olympic Gold Medalist

Ashley Neaves

Recent British Tennis coach

of the year

Joey Tortora

Gymnastics and Weightlifting

2x Crossfit competitor

7 years coaching

Julius Oliver, Swim Guru

" I don't have enough hours in the day to see everyone. ExpertX lets me help more clients because I can watch their videos when I have a minute and interact everyday."

Share your custom web page.
Users upload their videos.
You receive their videos in the app. Easily record your feedback.
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What You Earn

You decide how much to charge per video or if to offer your feedback for free. In the Account tab simply enter your fee.

Our 15% fee includes the credit card transaction cost. 
There is no fee when you elect not to charge.*

*Limited time offer and ExpertX reserves the right to share free videos on social media

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How to Edit

Click a video in your Video List, Tap record - we’ll capture your voice and what you draw. You can slow it down or speed it up. Tap record again when you’re done.

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